It's Time for Immigration Reform

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Ridge Larick

English 001

Monroe Street

7 April 2014

It is Time for Immigration Reform

Every summer working for my family's business I work on a crew consisting mostly of Hispanic workers. The same men have been working for us for a long time; they are all hard workers and genuinely good guys. I have gotten to know them fairly well, so when I began work last summer I immediately noticed Armando was no longer around. I asked Antonio, "Where did he end up?" He then told me that, "He got caught speeding and they deported him back to Mexico." I was shocked to hear this, especially since I knew he was working six days per week in order to pay the bills, and put food on the table for his three kids and wife. So many questions ran through my head; how could the government just rip his family apart? Why would they deport a hard working, tax paying man without any previous criminal record, all for speeding ticket? What will happen to his family without his income? Hearing about this event sparked my interest in the policies and the actions our government has taken in response to the millions of undocumented workers living in America.

News sites are frequently littered with articles relating to illegal immigration, since it is one of the most controversial and divisive topics in politics since the Bush administration was in office. A recent article in The New York Times, called "More Deportations Follow Minor Crimes, Records Show" by Ginger Thompson and Sarah Cohen; calls attention to majority of people being deported are not criminals. The articles uses "a New York Times analysis of internal government records that shows that since President Obama took office, two-thirds of the nearly two million deportation...