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Safe Sex: Is there anything else useful besides condoms to for safe sex I want to give people of all genders, orientations, and preferences the information they need to perform a wide variety of sexual; acts safely, pleasurably, and comfortable. I try to give ideas and tips to make this experience a little bit more exciting but at the same time very safe.

This paper focuses on all barriers for safe sex, advice and other things to know of safer sex and on how to make whatever precautions we choose, feel as pleasurable as possible. Safer sex are obviously not necessary when neither you or your partner (he/she) have anything you can transmit to each other, but in all other cases your health and peace of mind can be enhanced by playing it safe. (Introduction) Us as young adults should all know what the word sex means, some people abuse what the real meaning of sex really is.

What is the real meaning of sex? Sex is and activity that one engages in for erotic pleasure or reproduction. (My knowledge) Sex includes: Vaginal intercourse Anal intercourse Oral intercourse Manual Manipulation of the anus or the genitals SM play (fore play) Mutual Masturbation Solo masturbation Fantasy Cunnilingus Anal Penetration with sexual toys (vibrators, dildos). (Encyclopedia of Knowledge) Sex is not preferences, or the number of participants. People have the tendency to misuse the words "safe sex". Their is a difference between safe sex, safer sex and unsafe sex. The differences are that "safe sex" is sex which affords know risk for decease transmission or injury. " Safer sex" is sex that affords almost no risk for decease transmission or injury. " Unsafe sex" is sex which affords a high risk for infection or injury. (Encyclopedia of Knowledge) They're a lot...