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In the movie "The Lord of the Flies" a group of civilized boys is marooned on a remote island, without any adults or supplies. The boys start out with a civilized democratic society. It slowly turns into a savage chaotic society.

At the begging of the movie we were introduced to Ralph and Jack. At first Ralph and Jack agree that there should be rules to help govern themselves until they are rescued. This led me to believe that at the beginning of their ordeal Jack wanted, just like Ralph, to have some type of democratic society, and would do any thing to keep it that way. To symbolize their democracy there is the conch. Ralph and Piggy used the conch to call the first assembly on their first day on the island. One of the first rules is that you must hold the conch to speak at one of their assemblies.

The democratic society does not last very long as Jack and his hunters have a lack of respect for Ralph, the conch, and the rules that go along with them. This is first shown when Jack and his hunters go hunting and allow the fire to go out, as an airplane passes over head. We can also see a brake up in society when Jack said something like "Bollocks to the rules!". Slowly but surely Jack diminished the power associated with the conch. Later in the movie when Ralph goes to Jack's fort he is told by Jack that "The conch has no authority on this part of the island." The conch is eventually destroyed at the fort when Roger drops a boulder on Piggy while he is holding it.

When Jack and his hunters first broke away from the others Jack had...