"Saving Francesca" by Melina Marchetta

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"Saving Francesca" was written by Melina Marchetta, who also wrote the famous novel, Looking For Alibrandi. In this book, the story gets told from a 16 year old, Italian girl's point of view. We get to hear about Francesca's thoughts on life as a 16 year old and also how her life has changed since she's changed schools.

This book is about a teenager by the name of Francesca Spinelli. Francesca attended St Stella's School, an all girl school that only goes to Year 10 and for Year 11 her mother decides that Francesca should go to St Sebastian's (an all boy school that just started accepting girls) instead of Pius Senior College because her mother says that she didn't bring Francesca up to have limitations placed upon her. Unfortunately for Francesca, she wanted to go to Pius Senior College because everyone in her 'group' are going to that school.

Her mother was a very energetic woman, but when she has a nervous breakdown, everything seems to be going from bad to worse at home and at school for Francesca. Francesca and her mother are like best friends, they talk to eachother all the time, but a nervous breakdown changed her mother's life for a while and also affected everyone around her. Her mother didn't have the energy to get out of bed, eat, talk and other things that we normally do in our everyday life. She stayed in bed for days. Every afternoon when Francesca comes home from school, she finds it sad to see her mum not doing anything and not being able to talk to her and this became a problem because her mother was the person that she talks to when she is in a bad or stressful situation. Even her...