School Controversy

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While we can go back in forth arguing our views on whether or whether not police officers should be or shouldn't be allowed in our schools, we will never all agree on one accord. Everyone has there own point of views on what they think is right. Personally, I believe that our police officers should dwell in our schools for our children's protection. Its one thing to have to trust an individual to care for your child or children when you don't know them better yet them protecting your child or themselves to someone else. We have so much controversy over whether a teacher should be allowed to be armed while we're questioning our officers integrity. How can one say that our law enforcement aren't acting impartially as the law but we want to allow teachers to be armed. If we cant trust our law enforcement to protect our children how can we trust a teacher, not saying that there aren't some righteous teachers out there.

I don't think one person could honestly say that that shooting that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary or shooting that occurred at Columbine High School hadn't made them questioned the safety of their children at school. This year was my daughters first year and the very first question I asked her school principle was, did that have a school resource officer? So many thoughts walking through her elementary school "where there more than one exit?, or being that my daughters class is currently in an outside portable if they had a planned evacuation plan? whose allowed entrance into the school?, Does this school has video surveillance? and was there a police substation within a 15 mile proximity of the school? Those are just a couple of the thoughts that consumed my mind upon enrolling...