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'm in the exact same situation, heres what i've got: Examples of different self-heating food and drink you could buy Source 1- They come in seven inescapably tinny flavours such as beans with meatballs, chicken curry with rice and cheese ravioli in tomato sauce. I had "spicy beef pasta" (at 8 o'clock in the morning - the things you'll do to deadline). The contents reached 52C according to my kitchen thermometer: emphatically tepid, and best described as a brown, lumpen, heavily spiced sludge. HotCan also sent me "bangers & beanz" but, since that tin didn't heat properly and its sausages were shrivelled like salted snails, you'll forgive me if I merely tasted it with my eyes. Source 2- Hotbox Food would like to present a line of delicious beverages in completely self heating cans. Thanks to these innovative containers called "Hotshots", it is now possible to drink high quality beverages at any time and at any place.

Neither an external heat source, nor any other cooking utensils are required. Drinks 2go recipes do not contain additives, preservatives, artificial colorings or any raw materials obtained from GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). Source In one version, the inner chamber holds the food or drink, and the outer chamber houses chemicals that undergo an exothermic reaction when combined. When the user wants to heat the contents of the can, a ring on the can is pulled to break the barrier separating the chemicals in the outer chamber. In another type, the chemicals are in the inner chamber and the beverage surrounds it in the outer chamber. To heat the contents of the can, the user pushes on the bottom of the can to break the barrier separating the water from the chemicals. This design has the advantages of being more efficient...