Science Midterm Notes for 6th graders.

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Science Midterm-

Scientific Method:

1) State a problem- gathering information and asking a question about what you observe

2) Form of Hypothesis- a statement about what you think is the answer to your problem (in an if, then statement)

3) Design an experiment- gathering our materials, making a procedure, and testing our hypothesis

4) Record and analyze data- writing down all your measurements

5) Draw a conclusion- you compare your data with your hypothesis

6) Control- is what it is used to compare in the experiment

Animal Kingdom:

1) Extinction- Is when there isn't a kind of animal. There are no more of one species. The entire species is gone

2) Adaptation- a trait that increases the ability of an organisms to survive in its environment

3) Classification- Put them into a kingdom

4) The groups from largest to smallest- Kingdom phyla classes a species

To be apart of the animal kingdom:

Organisms must have these three characteristics:

1) There cells must have a nucleus but no cell wall

2) They must obtain their own food

3) Must be made up of more than one cell


1) Animals that have no backbone

2) Sponges- (Purifier) They live attached to one spot

- pores that take in and out water

cells, no tissues, organs, parts grow back

- no definite shape they come in many different shapes and sizes

Different sizes CM.

' 6 ft.

n - jelly-like substance between two layers of cells


3) cnidarians- are hollow body organisms with stinging cells ( paralyze the pray with poison)

-2 layers of cell tissue

- body is mostly fluid

-examples: jellyfish, sea anemone, corals

Flatworms- They have a head, tail, and a hole body

- Tissues, organs, organ system

- Some of the systems that they have...