Scientific Method

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Scientific Method Lab

Names: Trevor Jones, Mitch Salmon, Buck Didlake, Andrew Sturtz

You may work in groups of no less than three and no more than four. Be sure that you type each group members name on this sheet. Name each file the first initial. last name of whoever is submitting it. For example mine would be named, w.gwaltney. Due by the beginning of lab on 9-2.

Choose three problems that you think are applicable to your group's interest in agriculture. For each of those problems come up with a theoretical experiment, using the scientific method. Answer the following questions for each problem.

Identify the problem:

1) Irrigated corn against non-irrigated corn and how many bushels to the acre

2) The taste of tobacco on type of fertilizer

3) Type of mulch on hasta growth

What is your hypothesis?

1) Irrigated corn will harvest more bushels to the acre

2) Sprayed fertilized tobacco will make tobacco taste better

3) Hardwood original mulch will produce more hasta growth than dyed mulch

Explain your experiment.

1) Have same field split in half, same seed, same amount of corn, and start irrigation after four weeks of growth, start irrigating one week after planting, then wait till harvest and then compare bushels.

2) Have field split into 3 parts, fertilize one field with sprayed, granular, and pelleted. All fertilizer is weighed out to equal all same. Fertilize all on same day and time. And harvest and cure in August and then have few individuals taste.

3) Take 2 flowerbeds and have one with dyed mulch and one with hardwood. Mulch at beginning of growth. Water and have same sun on each bed. Same amount of mulch on each bed. Then measure each height of plant.

Analyze the data. Did your data support your hypothesis,