The Search For Perfection

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The Search For Perfection

The search for perfection is determined by the individual who examines their

selves and finds that they are not perfect to society, as well as, their own selves.

Perfection can be summed up by simply being perfect in every aspect. From the

eyes to the toes, every part of the human body can be changed and formed to be

"perfect" to the individual. People can spend loads of money on changing simple

things that they find are a disgrace to the rest of their own body.

Some people often think that just because they may weigh too much or too

little than what they would want, they have to do dramatic surgery to fix the

problem. Perfection is something that is rare. Not one person is perfect in this

whole earth. The only perfect person is our God who created us in his form. Only

He is perfect.

A person may feel uncomfortable about how they may look, sound,

act, etc., but the thing to remember is that almost any characteristic, whether

mental or physical, can be examined and perfected.

The cost for perfection can be quite expensive. Maintaining a perfect body

or having surgery to permanently cure a problem has its costs. Surgery to remove

body fat or to fix the shape of a nose or mouth can costs enough money to live on for

10 to 20 years. Dieting is a less expensive and less painful way of staying in shape.

To maintain a perfect body, a person can diet and maintain a healthy food flow

through their body. Exercising is also another way to stay in shape and look


The perfect body may never be found but as long as there are problems with

the way an individual looks at his or...