Searial killers

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Images of Serial Killers in Popular Culture

Using serial killers in movies has become a widely spread theme in Hollywood.

However the transformation from psychopathically deranged individuals, to supernatural dehumanized monsters has occurred. The media is fueled by the films and novels, allowing wider coverage of serial murder cases. The public is interested, and the topic sells. Writers keep producing fictional stories about the atrocities that a single human commits, and Hollywood supports the writers transforming their books into graphic movies.

After the 1970's psychological thrillers changed direction towards senseless killing committed by a disturbed individual, who is nearly impossible to kill until the end of the movie when he finally dies. However the movie cant just end with the termination of this super human killing machine. The killer always has to return in a later film to claim the relatives of his initial victims. We call these horror films, and they are a favorite among the average American citizen.

The media has changed the way the public looks at serial killers through the production of movies, the mass coverage of true cases, and the authors who keep putting out new books consisting of supernatural cold hearted killing. Rarely is the psychological perspective included. This may be partly because it is too hard for the average person to understand. However it might just be that the average American takes pleasure in watching the graphic content. Maybe, we the average citizen, aren't all that different than the people we love to fear. After all the serial killer enjoys watching the mutilation that he him self is committing.

The Signature Of Serial Killers

The serial killers calling card is his psychological signature. This signature is left at every one of his crime scenes. Homicide detectives are taught to look for unusual...