Seawalls in Santa Cruz

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Sea walls are built for the protection of one area. They are very easy to replace, and last around 10-15 years at top condition, showing signs of aging at around the first 15 years. Seawalls are used for protection because it stops erosion of one particular area. It is also used to protect other people's houses from braking down because of erosion. Sea walls have a life span of around 30 years, give or take due to the conditions it is in. Although the sea wall will last for around 30 years, it will begin to show signs of aging after around 10-15 years of its life. Sea walls may stop erosion of one area of a wall, but it also erodes away at the sides of the seawall, causing increased erosion at the sides where the seawall is not protecting. Sea walls may cause danger when surfing and swimming due to lack of beach area, and a constant change of tides.

The sea wall will also destroys a beach area due to increased erosion on the sides of the sea wall and they disrupt the natural processes that replenish beach sand. Sea walls affect Santa Cruz community because they destroy the beaches, which may affect businesses because the main reason people go to Santa Cruz, is to go to the beaches, so if there is no beaches, many businesses will go bankrupt. Seawalls also affect the surf since it could diminish the wave action. One main place in Santa Cruz that is Sea walled is Pleasure point. There are at least 21 seawalls in Santa Cruz and about 30% of the county's coast is armored. Some type of armoring can be seen from West Cliff Drive to Capitola and even New Brighton. Since Sea walls have been known to...