Serial Killer - John Joubert

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A Not-So-Well Known Serial Killer


On a warm summer morning in September of 1983 a young boy's life was about to end. He would be the victim of a person who most people would never have suspected. This would be one of 3 murders in a close community and one of America's Military bases.

A young boy named Danny Joe Eberle was up early on a Sunday morning like many Sundays before that. Danny was going to his paper route at 5:00 am. He did nothing out of the ordinary, got his bike and met at the usual destination to prepare his route for delivery. What he didn't know was that an Airman from Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue, Nebraska was getting his day started by preparing to kill someone.

What does one do to prepare to kill another? Well, when John J. Joubert decided that he wanted to kill he got his supplies together.

That morning he brought his new knife, purchased for the occasion, his rope and some tape, got in his car and headed for the all night market that he had been watching for some time. He found Danny and made his decision that this was the day.

Joubert followed the boy on his route for a few houses and then made his move to take the child. He took Danny by force and then made him get into his car. After he tied his hands and taped his mouth he forced Danny into his trunk and proceeded out of town to a dirt road. Joubert made the boy get out of the trunk and made him get into the ditch by the road. Danny begged Joubert not to kill him, but ignoring his cries Joubert made him remove his clothing, except...