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History 107

The Seven-year war known as the French and Indian war began when the French expanded to Ohio River and brought conflict to the British colonies. The British feeling that they were being threatened by the expansion of France they declared war against them that lasted seven years in which the name was adopted for the war. British was able to gain a lot after the war, they signed the treaty of "hubertusburg and Paris" in 1763 which British gained Spanish Florida and many more places which expanded them to be bigger. British was the winner in this war and was able to gain and prosper more than the French since they were defeated and had to move away from their lands. The reason behind the war was that British colonies wanted to take control of the fur trade and wanted to be the only ones getting the prosperity.

The first several years of the war the British and American colonies were actually very terrible for them, the French were taking control of some of the forts and they were getting more powerful, but then the cards flipped around the British and American colonies started to gain control of their forts and they fought back to be able to get back what they lost.

The British and American colonies were starting to get more stable and secure by signing the treaty of Paris it gave them a security that they did not have to keep getting problems or sharing their crops and goods to them. The French were able to keep some sugar producing islands in the West Indies. England received Canada and other territories and the division between both was the Mississippi river that was the trade route that they...