What should the aims of the university system be, and in what ways does it need to change in order to fulfil them more effectively?

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Nowadays, when globalisation has meant enormous changes in every facet of world's development, the aims of the university system, through undergraduate and postgraduate education, should be fulfilling the current and relevant needs of knowledge across social, cultural, economic and community areas, in every country; exploration should be stimulated within the educational system at all levels and areas of study in order to build a wider society; the traditional academy should be remarked as an important source of knowledge and the vocational training must be seen as a way to satisfy the needs of business and industry but not as an exclusive resource or single dominant in the educational system.

However, increasingly, for the past years, the success of business and professions has been inextricably linked with the strength of the vocational training. Keeping out the positive changes that this factor has meant, as students satisfy their needs finding specific training for specific jobs in the market, the concerns and problems that have emerged from this vocational orientation into the university system are undeniable.

In the first place, it is important to keep in mind, that vocational training should not be seen as a single dominant of the educational system, because doing that would mean to leave behind the traditional academy's sources of knowledge that have always brought significant bases and support to societies, specially those with large ethnic and refugee populations. Therefore, satisfying the specific educational needs UK has on this matter must be essential for the university system. Governmental policies seem to be more oriented to making pressure toward vocational teaching and training systems, more than empowering students in their education toward initiative, exploration and imagination.

Countries must find inside their own educational systems their own way toward development, especially considering the breakthroughs that globalisation has brought the past...