What should be done with our solid waste?

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People all over the world produce waste.

We could say that waste includes all items that people no longer have any use for, which they either intend to get rid of or have already discarded.

There are different types of waste, one of them is municipal waste which includes domestic waste, this is waste from householders which cannot be recycled, composted, reused or disposed of by other means, the causes of this waste are:

* Increased consumption of raw material and energy and the increased manufacture, transport, sale and a use of a wide variety of products all cause the production of more waste.

* Increased manufacture and use of a variety of products.

* A lot of products such as toys, electrical and sporting goods are not designed to last very long and often the simple problems are difficult to repair. Therefore replacement is often cheaper than repair. Many industries rely on this built-in obsolesce to maintain sales.

* Increased amount of packaging used for a lot of products, which all gets thrown away very quickly.

* There has been an enormous rise on demand for convenience products which get used once and then get thrown away.

Different countries are trying to find solutions, options that let us meet our current needs and provide for future generations as well. Our most promising alternatives are waste recycling, incineration and landfill:

Recycling: works in several ways, it reduces the monetary and environmental costs of land filling and incineration. It substitutes used materials for virgin materials, thereby reducing the demand for natural resources. It conserves energy. And it creates jobs in the community.


* Save natural resources: Recycling helps conserve precious natural resources and saves raw materials such as oil, trees and minerals. By making products from recycled materials rather than...