Similarites of James Jarvis and Stephen Kumalo

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In today's world there are a lot of people who are oblivious to their surroundings. Many of us are careless about things until something good or bad happens to us personally. In the book Cry the Beloved Country, by Alan Patton a particular man named James Jarvis is going through this same situation. He goes through a transformation, and try's to contradict the other side of him by paying more attention t the world and the people in it. Through Mr. Jarvis in the novel, the readers will se how he goes through his transformation from beginning, middle, and end.

James Jarvis was a man of great wealth. He owned a farm which he worked and lived on. He had a wife and a son. Everything was everyday normal for Jarvis, until he received a message stating that his son had been killed my three black men. Arthur Jarvis had a career as an engineer, in his spare time he was an activist for blacks.

He wrote speeches and acted as a public speaker for blacks about racism. A couple of day's before Arthur's funeral Jarvis went to a small town in Johannesburg called Packwood, where Arthur stayed. It was hard for Mr. Jarvis to except that his only son was gone, so he tried to confront himself by reading speeches that his son wrote. He began to realize that he did not know his son, so he became angry with himself, along with his son. Here is an example, "Jarvis sat, deeply moved and upset, whether because this was his son, whether because this was almost the last account of his son, he couldn't say. Whether because there was some quality in the ideas, that too he could not say for he had given little time to...