Sir Randolph Bacon III

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Dr. Colin Adams portrayed himself as a sailor in the 14th Century named Sir Randolph Bacon III. Mr. Bacon was in a sail boat race on the ocean with a man whom he called Penny. During the beginning of the race he was headed out and decided to have a flan, a pastry, made by his house keeper, Mrs. Brown. While he was eating his pastry, he realized that it was time to tact, begin turning. He put down his pastry, and when he started to tact, realized that there was a knotin the sheet, a rope attached to the sails. Mr. Bacon began to recall an experience he had during camp with Mel Slugbate. Mr. Slugbate had taught him how to determine if a knot was "The Trivial Knot",, or if it was a non-trivial knot. A non- trivial knot could only be untied if there was at least one loose end.

"The Trivial Knot" could be undone with both ends attached to something by simply performing one of three simple procedures that Mr. Slugbate called Reidemeister moves. The type 1 Reidemeister move is simply making a loop in the knot, . The type 2 Reidemeister move moves two pieces of a knot and makes them overlap,. The type 3 Reidemeister move is when there are three pieces of a knot, two of them are crossed in an "X", and the third piece is woven through them,. These moves were developed by Kurt Reidemeister.

After recalling this lecture about the trivial knot, Mr. Bacon tries to decide if his knot is the trivial knot. While doing so he hits a wave and the sheet falls onto the flan and was is now covered in jelly. There was no way he would be able to untie this knot with...