THe Smoking War In Texas- Persuasuive

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The Smoking War In Texas; should it be banned from all Public Places?

Did you know that secondhand smoke, also know as passive smoke, is the third leading preventable cause of death (Jacobson and Wasserman 113) and kills over fifty thousand people in just America alone and over three thousand just in Texas over approximately one year? (Klaidman 25-26). Texas is one of the largest states in America, and out of the ten largest cities in the nation, Texas is the home of Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. With such large cities, going out somewhere in Texas whether it is to a movie, restaurant, or bar without coming in contact with second hand smoke is virtually impossible. Therefore Texas should force a State-wide government ban on smoking in public places meaning any place open to the public with walls or any kind of structure that could enclose the smoke in a confined area.

Many people argue that a ban would be a bad idea but many of them don't realize that second hand smoke is very dangerous to people of all ages; in the governments fight against smoking placing a ban on smoking in public places would be the one of the final steps, and cigarette smoke attaches itself to practically anything it comes in contact with and is very difficult to get rid of.

Second hand smoke is dangerous and deadly to people of all ages, whether you are a small child or a grown adult. To begin, second hand smoke has many short term and long term affects. When college students head out to their favorite bars on the weekend it could end up leaving them with a condition much worse than a hangover. For instance, within five minutes of walking into a smoky bar or even restaurant,