'Social and economical factors, rather than political ones, were responsible for the outbreak of revolution in 1848.' To what extent do you agree with this opinion?

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In all countries there was a battle of industrialization and a battle between the classes that caused hardship and proved fatal (caused the revolution). The different needs between the classes made it very hard to make decisions that would satisfy the peasants and not upset the nobles, as it was important not to generalize, but look at each case separately.

In France the economical situation was rather bad, but it could have been worse, if the country would be more conservative. The revolution was caused by tension, that was building up from the bad harvest and riots, but the final strike was banning the banquets for the middle-class, where they discussed their political views as political parties were not allowed.

In Prussia the situation was plainly social as there was the fear of the violent working class, the political situation was not considered as the ruler and the administration was quiet well prepared.

And the economic situation was average, but did not risk a revolution.

In Germany, it was a chiefly the economic situation which was land hunger, poor harvest and industrialization and to some extent confusion that became political confrontation that were most important.

In Austria, the main problem was the social one, between the national minorities that confronted the government in search of equal rights, to those of the Austrians. The lesser problems were that of conservatism, which made Austria weak, by comparison to others and political fight between Metternich and Count Kolowrat. The later made Austria vulnerable, especially after the death of Emperor Ferdinand, which brought disorganisation.

In Italy, even though economic situation that was building up long time, it was the politics that people seemed even more concerned with. The inability to make a revolution for a main goal, main ideology was very costly.