Social and political influences on the theorey of evolution

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* The theory had a negative effect on social life because Darwin stating that we had evolved from apes was such a ludicrous idea at the time that he was afraid that the public would denounce his work as heresy.

* So he only hinted of the principle of natural selection.

* Now he knew he had discovered a great truth. And he felt he had to tell the world. But he withheld the truth, for, it seemed to him, humanity was not ready for this truth.

* And there raged a struggle inside Darwin. And mind and soul did battle. At times he was ecstatic. At times he was depressed. And so his emotions and his scientific mind did battle. And it would be some time before these battles could be settled

* Several years went by. And it came to pass that more scientists began to talk about organic evolution.

* Several years went by. His manuscript was almost ready, but he waited - he was afraid that his friends and others would be offended by his theory; even his wife might say his thoughts were heresy.

* One day in 1858, Darwin read an abstract of a paper by another naturalist named Alfred Wallace. Now the abstract summarized the very thesis Darwin had developed during twenty years of work.

* Thus the abstract forced the hand of Darwin - he handed over his manuscript. Now the word would soon be out - the public would be soon presented with the truth. And in November 1859 was On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection published, and the public was presented with the truth.

* Some scientists immediately accepted Darwin's work, for it was logical and based on Nature's evidence.

* However a storm of protests swept...