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Throughout the world, more and more people are using the Internet and have registered accounts on social networks, for example Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Social network is an incredibly powerful tool. At the click of mouse, one can get entertainment, information, news or data about almost anything in the world. Besides that, we can connect to anyone in the world via social networks across the world instantly. The distance of thousands of miles does not matter. This is amazing. It is very useful especially for parents with children studying abroad as they can save the cost of long distance calls. However, we are facing some issues when using social media.

From my experience, the most common issue that people might face when using social media is privacy issue. People may get all sorts of confidential information from us via the social networks. They can track information about us and perhaps use the information to cheat us.

(Pipes, 2010) There are many examples of people who post their personal information such as date of birth, age, place of birth and home address on their social network profiles. (Pipes, 2010) This can be dangerous as people will get to know their information when people visit their profile page, especially if their profile's privacy setting is public. Besides that, we must be aware of third party applications on social media sites who share our private information to third parties. (Pipes, 2010) This is because most of us did not read the privacy and safety policy when we signed up for an account. (Chapman, 2011) For example, Facebook shares all of user's information to their partners and advertisers, which means that they can access information of Facebook's users. (Nguyen, 2013) Twitter states that if their company is bankrupt, they will have...