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Throughout his life, Socrates has proved himself to be an Atheist, and has corrupted the youth of our civilization. He has plagued their minds with outlandish ideas about how he thinks society should be governed, and has even invented and taught them about his own gods! While he pretends to worship Zeus, we all know that he has turned to gods other than those that are supported by the Polis. He has turned to gods that don?t exist, and therefore, is an atheist. Religion is the cornerstone of our society. Our government, our people, and our lives revolve around our religion, and the gods our city-state supports. Socrates has openly criticized craftsman. Haphaestrus, the god of fire and craftsmen, and Athena, the patron of arts and crafts will come down upon us if we allow Socrates go unpunished for his sacrilegious comments. They will garner the forces of our other gods, and crush us.

While Socrates attends religious functions, he does so to deceive the people of Athens, and with an empty heart. He is evil at its best. He will try to convince the jury in this trial that we are wrongfully accusing him. He will question our ethics, and our devotion. He will claim his wrongs were not intentional. Do not be deceived. Protect our city, defend our gods, and put him to death.