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Even though my parents didn't have a great environment and resources to study, or financial and technological means to support their educational needs as we do now, they had memories that significantly different from what we have experienced.

My parents were both born and brought up in India compared to where we were brought up in Saudi Arabia then in America. Comparing the environment that my parents had lived in, they experienced a great lack of attention. My parents both had about 10 brothers and sisters and because of so many kids, my parents didn't get the attention that was needed for a child during that age. For my parents, they had two kids, so even though my parents would go to work a lot we got more attention compared to them as they were kids. Another difference that could be tied with the first one would be large families.

With large families it was just not the attention that was lost, they had to take care of each other while looking after themselves. Older kids in the family had to take care of the younger ones putting more responsibility on them as they were a child. My older brother did the same, but the difference was the amount of younger siblings that my brother had compared to my parents. One major difference compared to my parents school life and mine was the large gap put on by the lack of basic facilities. An example could be the bathroom, my parents had 1 bathroom that had to be shared with 9 other siblings, but the problem was getting water. Now we have 3 bathrooms and we just push the tap and we can get either cold or hot water instantly. Also another example would be electricity, as we take...