The Soviet State Was Established At The Expense Of The Soviet People.

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"The Soviet State was established at the expense of the Soviet people." Explain the nature of the policies adopted towards the agriculture and heavy industry between 1928 and 1939 in the light of this statement.

After Lenin's death in 1924, it was almost inevitable that Stalin would become leader. To do this Stalin had used his position as the First Secretary of the Communist Party. Stalin became allies with other Bolshevik party members such as Kamenev and Zinoviev. After using the allies to eliminate his rival, Trotsky, using exile, he was then able to secure himself as Russia's leader. Stalin's objectives were to turn Russia's backward developing strategies into a modernized nation of industrial and agricultural power. Stalin was ruthless and violent in his actions. He was the initiator of the millions of lives that were lost during the period of Russia's industrialization. With this in mind and looking at the Russian history, we must ask ourselves if the realisation of Stalin's goals were worth the price paid for the lives of these innocent people? The policies that were adopted by Stalin in 1928 were to be the beginning of Stalin's movement to transform Russia, known as the "Five Year Plan".

It was at the 15th Congress that Stalin stated his proposals to change the industrial as well as agricultural policies. Stalin abolished Lenin's New Economic Policy (NEP) and the establishment of industrialization and collectivisation was launched simultaneously.

Stalin was convinced that Russia was miles behind other developing countries. He used the Five Year Plan to bring Russia forward in time and development. Stalin wanted to achieve "˜Socialism in one country'.

His objectives for collectivisation were concentrated within Russia's agriculture. Stalin believed that the only way in which the military and industrial development would improve was with the implementation...