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The dialect in the Last Emperor changed from chinese to english. They should have had it all in english just so we could better understand it. Of course there was a chinese accent to the english language.

I thought the movie would be a lot better than it was. It was up for a lot of nominees including best movie of the year. In general it was a good movie, but not as good as it was hyped up to be. The plot and settings were good, but the movie was boring at many times. The movie was longer than it had to be. It was weird how they told the story. It flashed back and forth from the present day to the past.

The mood that the movie made was somewhat depressing. I think it would have been more depressing if I was into the movie. Japan begins to take over China and the main character becomes prisoner.

Pu Yi is taken to the forbidden city to be emperor at the age of three and has to leave his mother. He is trapped in the forbidden city for a majority of his life as well.

The thing that strikes me to be the most significant is the fact that the story is true. A young boy who is prisoner in his own home, the forbidden city and who is emperor is remarkable. The young child was spoiled with everything and had thousands of servants working for him and doing anything he pleases.

The costuming and funishings were interesting. The costumes that the characters in the forbidden city wore were interesting. The emperor always wore a certain yellow-gold color that he wouldn't let anyone else wear. The hair of the women in the film was odd. I am not sure if that is how the women usually wore their hair, it was hairsprayed and styled into crazy dos. The buildings in the forbidden city were real. The movie was set in the actual forbidden city. They were obviously very oriental shaped and realistic.