Spring Time

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It's summer time and the native forest is in full bloom. There's greenery all around. The pleasant smell of the flowers walks upon the wings of the wind and is carried to distant lands.

The sheep are out, grazing in the unending stretch of beauty. The shepherd is a taking a snooze, maybe, and dreaming of the fragrance of the flowers and the beauty surrounding him. The fresh, crystal clean water of the lake is always beside the beauty, to quench the thirst of many.

But the most glorious part of the scenery is the range of the bold mountains standing in the background. They stand in a chain as if guarding this paradise. These snow-covered mountains rise high in the sky. They provide the best background for this type of scenery. And also the sky, the clean blue sky above, plays its role too, as a protective cover for everything underneath.

Its so good to have beauty around oneself that all the worries of any person just vanish. All the troubles, miseries and complaints from life just disappear. The person feels free of any restraints and develops a wish to live life to its fullest.

Together, with all the little pieces added together, this makes the perfect little paradise to live in. Of course, there are no houses in sight yet, but that's bound to change soon!