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Sitting at Starbucks, drinking coffee.

"Last night I sat outside her house watching and waiting, I'm convinced she new I was there. Still I sat outside watching waiting for my delivery to arrive. I was waiting for hours, waiting to catch a glimpse of my sweet, and her short hair black as ebony, her fair comp lection almost angelic, her soft voluptuous lips, her cute little nose and her devilishly sexy green eyes. I only wanted to see her one more time. However this is the same story I had been telling myself every night for the last month. Quickly 7:30pm became 3:00am I was getting quite exhausted. I was about to quit and go home when I heard something, a van, coming down the street. I hurriedly jumped into position, took the lens cap off my camera and waited. Damn it! The van stop it kept going. I threw my camera in the backseat and drove home."

"Man, she is gonna call the cops on ya and they're gonna chuck ya in the 'slammer.'" Said my best mate Ben.

"Why would they do that?" I queried, "I mean its not liked I have caused her any harm and its not like I wish her any harm."
"Its called stalking!" Ben exclaimed, Ben continued, "You need to get over her man, lets face it dude she wasn't the most faithful person to you."

One Week Later, in a designated eating area at uni.

"I returned I parked my car around the corner this time waiting for her to return home. This time I had come prepared to wait. My car was loaded with munchies and non-alcoholic beverages."
"About 7:00pm she rounded the corner, just getting home from work I thought to my self. I waited for about 10 minutes.