Star Wars. Essay proving that the US was incapable of bringing it to life. Speaks of the economy, technology and treaties and political obligations

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During the mid 1980's, American president Ronald Regan introduced the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI), which the press quickly shortened to Star Wars. The purpose of Star Wars was to create a shield over America through which no nuclear weapon could pass. As then Senator Nunn (A supporter of SDI), once said ' I don't think anything in this country is technically impossible. We have a nation that can indeed produce miracles'. The purpose of this essay is to prove that the US was incapable of producing the miracles needed to bring star wars to life. This will be done in several ways. The first is by asking the question, 'Can the states indeed produce the miracles needed to make the Strategic Defence Initiative a reality?'. The answer to this question is obviously no, and this will be proved by several key points. One may also find after reading this essay that there may have been a possible hidden American agenda.

The first point that will be covered is that it was neither fiscally possible, nor was there enough time to accomplish all the goals. The second point will be that even if there was enough time and money present, the technology needed would not be present. The third and final point is that treaties and political obligations don't allow for it.

The first point that will be covered in this essay is the one of time and money, neither of which the U.S. had enough. First of all, the cost of SDI was astronomical. In a five year plan prepared for SDI, the government wanted to spend 21 billion, with the expected cost for the SDI weapons expected to surpass the 90 billion mark. So far, that's a combined total of 111 billion, with the expected total to be more...