State and Local Political Behavior

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State and Local Political BehaviorAccording to the City of Spokane website (2007), The Spokane City Council is comprised of the Council President and six City Council members elected by districts with the Council President elected citywide" (p. 1). This paper will discuss the issue of the 2008 budget proposal from the meeting on Monday December 10, 2007. And will include what positions on the issue were expressed in the meeting and by whom, how the issue has been addressed in local or state elections. Lastly, what interest groups take part in the dialogue regarding this issue, what the author's feelings are regarding popular opinion on the issue, and lastly the author's opinion on the communication during the public meeting.

Issue DiscussedThe meeting of the City Council was held on Monday December 10, 2007 at City Hall. The Council members in attendance included Joe Shogan, Nancy McClaughlin, Al French, Steve Corker, Bob Apple, and Brad Stark.

According to Joe Shogan, Council President, the 2008 Budget started with acting Mayor Hessions and consisted of $1.6 million in resources that have not been allocated thus far to the general fund. The list of proposal items went in order of easiest to hardest and lowest to highest. Shogan also informed the audience and the council members that Steve Corker would make a motion to approve an item, and that Al French would second the motion (City Council Meeting).

The supplemental recommendation made was for $200,000 be put in reserve for a police ombudsman leaving a surplus of around $69,000 which should then be allocated to the general fund. When the proposed budget was announced in October there was no funding that was allocated for this, which was an oversight (Spokesman Review, p. 1).

This issue was first addressed by acting Mayor Hession proposed the...