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This section of my portfolio features my statistics poster done in the first semester of 2014.

I am very proud of this piece of work as my teammates and I were able to put together a product of high quality despite having limited prior knowledge on statistics. The process of researching on the area of concern was tough, but no doubt very enriching, as we had to make sense of each and every data collected, find trends and correlations, drawing logical and meaningful conclusions thereafter. The conclusions drawn from the research then allowed my team to make evaluations and have a stand on our area of concern.

This piece of work is important as it made an impact on me that mathematics is very much alive. Using only numbers, charts and graphs, we are able to illustrate a phenomenon in the real world, showing both cause and effect links of the phenomenon.

Through detailed analysis and interpretation of information, meanings could be formed from what was previously only a string of numbers. Through working on the statistics poster, I had also been equipped with a broadened mathematical knowledge, as I am now more capable of representing data effectively to communicate what I wish to let my audience know. In this statistics poster, my team and I had explored on a social problem - internet usage. Making connections to a pertinent issue in the real world is important as it shows our ability to apply our knowledge to the world around us and make meaning out of it. This piece of work had made me appreciate the beauty of mathematics even more.

This piece of work has also reflected my ability to take in new mathematical concepts even at an accelerated pace. Time was tight for my team and...