Statue and Case Law: Discrimination Purviews

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Case Law and Discrimination Purviews

Anti-Discrimination Laws were enacted to "promote fairness, equality, and opportunity within the workplace (Bennett, Alexander, Hartman, 2003 p. 5)". More specifically, these federal employment laws prohibit employment practices that discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, gender, national origin, religion, and disability. The same laws also prohibit employers from retaliating against those individuals who file claims of discrimination.

There are several civil rights statutes that employers must become familiar with and incorporate into their daily business and employment practices. These statutes would include Age Discrimination Act (ADEA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Equal Pay Act (EPA), Executive Order 11246, and the Vocational Rehabilitation Act. As we review case law pertaining to discriminatory practices within the workplace, Team C will identify all statutes that pertain to the specific case at hand and how the courts ruling may influence future discrimination cases.


In the Bell v. Clackamas County case, Carmichell Bell was the first African-American deputy to be hired by Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. Bell was hired by the sheriff's office at a higher salary due to his prior experience as a police officer in Lake Oswego, his law enforcement experience in the Armed Services, and his completion of training programs that were similar to those programs within the sheriff's office.

Bell began his training phases and successfully completed 3 of the 5 phases. However while in his third phase his immediate supervisor directed him to conduct acts of racial profiling, while acting as county sheriff. His supervisor also made derogatory comments related to the characteristics of African American men. Although Bell successfully completed phase 3, it was in his fourth phase of training that things began to deteriorate.

During his fourth phase, Bell received criticism regarding his...