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August 20, 2014

English 5

Level: A Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes

In the book Staying fat for Sarah Byrnes, the greatest challenge Sarah faces is survival, nonetheless, even though she has to survive, she still has to fit into a high school crowd. Virgil Byrnes (Sarah Byrnes father) burned her when she was about three years old; the burns left scars all over her face, arms, and hands. The only catch is everyone thinks that she was in a kitchen accident, until later on in the book, "You think you got everybody fooled about them scars, but you ain't fooled me. Them scars didn't come from no pot of spaghetti. No way." (pg. 91) Sarah faces many challenges in this book, but overcomes just about all of them. Sarah has to survive and fit in the crowd, while facing other tough challenges. "Being different is tough both in the book and in reality."(

Yunus, Omar)

The challenge that Sarah Byrnes faces in this book is definitely a larger challenge to young people than usual. This is a challenge that a high school student should not be facing, period. One day Sarah Byrnes just decides to stop talking. No one knows why or what is wrong with her. She is taken to the hospital and stays there overnight. The nurses can still not get her to say anything. This is just an act by Sarah.

Sarah Byrnes best friend, Moby, comes to see her at the hospital to see if he can get her to talk. Moby tells Sarah he knows that her father abused her. She then tells him the reason that she's not talking is so she can get time to think. As soon as Moby gets to school he goes to...