Stem Cell Research Speech Outline

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Topic: Allowing Stem Cell Research

Specific Purpose: To persuade people who are against stem cell research to see the

good in it.

Intended Audiences: People against stem cell research.

Thesis Statement: Stem cell research may lead to the cure to all sorts of diseases,

including diabetes, cancer, and many others.


Attention/Grabber/Credibility Material: Are you someone who suffers from a

life threatening disease like cancer? If not, do you know someone who had or still has it? What if you, or someone close to you, could be cured from their life threatening disease forever?

Tie to intended audience: Would you want a cure to be discovered or do you

want to take a chance with your life or someone else's by not doing anything? People, if you do not help and support this issue many people could die.

Thesis: Stem cell research may be the cure to deadly diseases that you or a

close friend may have, or even your pet can be saved by stem cell research.

Transition: Let me show you some ways that stem cell research can be helpful and

why it should stay legal.


Supporting Point 1: Stem cell research would lower your insurance bill

substantially. In 1999, the civilian non-institutionalized population had health care expenses of $596 billion. 5% of the community population accounted for slightly more than half of the population's total health expenses. This 5% mainly consisted of people with serious diseases who needed items so they would not die, such as insulin for diabetics. More than 75% of diabetic supplies are covered by insurance. If diabetes was cured then there would not be a need for such high insurance bills.

Supporting Point 2: Stem cell research offers the hope of a cure for thousands

of type 1 diabetes sufferers...