Stereotypes that exist in the world and how/where they can be found.

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There are many stereotypes that exist in the world today. They can be found time and time again, whether it is in a relationship, at the job place, or even in a romance story, and are quite often associated with the "standard" image of something. One can then raise the question as to whether or not stereotypes are useful, appropriate or even needed. In the case of a romance novel, one can ask whether or not traditional stereotypes are needed in order for the success of the story. I decided that I would experiment with this issue, and concluded that stereotypes do indeed play a significant role in romance, but they are not needed for the success of the story. After the conclusion of my story, I journeyed back and developed the story as a metafictional story. By doing this I was able to 'tease' the reader about any stereotypes that they may have had of a typical romance novel in association with setting, sex, physical description and atmosphere.

Prior to investigating what the effects are of not including typical traditional stereotypes, one must examine the typical stereotypes that are associated with a typical romance novel. The male usually is involved in a 'blue collar' type line of work, which would explain his intensely strong body. The female might be a nurse, a businesswoman, a teacher or maybe a housewife/mother, tending to her children, just as long as she has enough time to fall in love. The personality of the character matters greatly as well. If this is the case, what do typical romance novels have for personalities? The male is usually massively strong, with arms that look like pythons that just ate a pig. One could grate cheese on his abs, and be lost in the...