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I chose Steven Spielberg for my report, I chose him for many reasons: one he still alive and you most likely all did your project on people that are dead and all you learned is about the best thing they did in life. But with Steven you really know what is going on in his life.

Facts In Brief

Born: December of 1947

Education: Steven has a B.A. degree for California State

Died: Not Dead Yet

Steven Spielberg was born and December 1947 in Cincinnati. Steven Spielberg was the oldest of the family of four. His parents were divorced at a young age, Steven took the divorced very well.

Steven, by the age of 13 he had learned may things about cameras, camera angles, and film making. When Steven was 13 he had made a forty minute film "Escape From Nowhere", This film, even as only forty minutes long won him a great prize in a small contest.

Even know his film was a good film he still called himself a "nerd" in school. Steven in his younger years he took a lot of being made fun from other students. Steven told people that when he made films at a young age it was a way to express his emotional stress. Even though his grades were low he still managed to make films. He had the most trouble in Math. Because of this he could not get into any good film making schools, so he went to California State College at Long Beach California. Steven got his B.A. degree in 1970.

After college he teamed up with Walt Disney Studios Chair person Jeffrey Kalgeny, and David Geffen. The all teamed up to create Dream works. SKG Dream works was a movie animation, Television, and music company. After they created Dreamworks...