Stigiophobia (Fear of Hell)

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The fear of hell. This phobia actually has four names. Hadephobia, Stygiophobia, and Stigiophobia or more commonly and simply, The Fear of Hell. This fear of Hell could be pretty great for some people. More so than others. It can separate you from your loved ones, friends, family work, school, and finally, life. It could haunt you so much that you wouldn't even be able to do anything except stay in your house or even just your bedroom.

The symptoms of the fear are simple as probably any other phobia. Panic attacks, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats, sweating a lot, probably feinting as well and so on. Of course these are all different for people with this fear. There are drugs that can help suppress this fear or more the symptoms for only a short time but, it doesn't kill. The drugs don't stop it for ever. They kill your body more than anything else.

There are a lot of things can provoke the fear. People that are talking about it, watching a movie, listing to music related to it, seeing people that worship that sort of thing walking down the street. But I think the one time of the year that scares the hell out them the most would have to be Halloween. All of those kids running around screaming and playing and all of the creepy satanic stuff that is hanging up in store for the whole month. That would be enough to make me stay indoors all month long and then I would probably hold myself tight with a weapon or something on Halloween night.

Some of the things that can cause someone to gain this crappy phobia is for starters, something happing in the past that caused you trauma and implanted that fear there or...