Stone Cold

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How Swindells Create Tension In Stone Cold

Written by Swindells, Stone Cold tells the story of a boy named Link, who fought through his challenging childhood, who at the age of 16, became homeless. Homelessness is not as easy as it may seem to be, which Swindells indicates in this novel by describing all the difficulties Link has to face, like a dangerous character called Shelter, who tends to be very mischievous, especially towards the homeless. Throughout the novel the reader feels anxious from all the tension that gradually builds up. Swindells creates tension in this novel to excite the reader and to create a gripping piece of work for all ages to read and enjoy.

The author instantly lures the reader into the novel by using direct speech, "you'd have left too" and "I can tell you" are examples of this. This builds tension, as it seems that Link and Shelter are talking directly to the reader, making them feel more involved and that they can relate to the novel.

This has different effects on the way people interpret the book. It also makes the reader feel close to the characters.

Swindells makes the reader ponder using rhetorical questions, "Why Vince?" and "what thanks do I get?" and "…to help a dosser?" These rhetorical questions build tension because Link and Shelter are drawing the reader into their thoughts. The reader can instantly realise what the characters are feeling and can comprehend what is happening to Shelter and Link at those very moments. This contributes to the novel and gives the reader a better understanding.

Rude language is spoken to express in the story, "Bastard" and "Piss Off". This builds tension as it thrills the reader and makes the story more interesting to read. Informal language is also used...