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At twenty Mrs. Bonnelly carried her baby just about the time that was expected. Nikole Del Carmen Bonnelly was born on Friday afternoon, 6 December 1984. According to Mrs. Bonnelly the seventeen and a half hours of labor weren't easy. Even though she was involved in Lamaze birthing technique classes, which is a basic psychological technique involving relaxation and training that she had prior to the deliver date, she wasn't as prepared as she thought. Therefore, she requested the epidural anesthesia which is the "famous" drug that reduced pain. Doctor Garcia made sure he made her aware that the use of medication during child birth is a practice that holds both benefits and pit folds. Studies have shown that the anesthesia may temporarily depress the flow of oxygen to the fetus and slow the labor. Fortunately, little Miss Nikole never showed poorer motor control during the first days of birth, or the first year after birth for that matter.

It is also said that the presence of drugs in the infants' system causes behavioral differences in the infants themselves, which in turn elicits different reactions from their mother. (pg 95) In any case, Mrs. Bonnelly and the family members' expectations of the new born finally came to reality that afternoon. Like many other parents, Nikole's mother, Soraya, and her father, Julio, tried to figure out to which one of them, their new baby most resembled. It was thought that Nikole was going to have the most dominant trait, which was the brown hair and brown eyes, but she seemed to have Julio's big green eyes, thin, small nose, and Julio's mothers red hair. Later on, her hair grew in with a hair like just like Soraya. When Nikole was born, she had weighed 7 ½ pounds and was 19 inches...