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Kyle Richard


Mrs. Perry


Mr. Al Geebrah

Chapter 1: Many years ago, in a small school tucked deep into the woods, something very strange happened, something very strange indeed. Here's the story. Well, at least a fraction of it… At this small school, none of the students ever smiled, and on sunny days nobody ran around and played tag or football, or even talked and laughed about their favorite TV shows. No, this school was different because the math teacher, Mr. Al Geebrah was so mean. With him around no one ever had any fun… One day Mr. Geebrah decided to make the students figure out how many 12ths were in 5 wholes. It took them all day, but they finally figured it out.

Chapter 2: One fine morning at this small school, things were especially quiet. The students knew Mr. Geebrah was giving a math test, and test days were the worst of all! Why is that you may ask? Well some people believed that on nights after math tests, Mr.

Geebrah would sneak around town, take students that didn't do well, and bring them to suffer in his evil castle of math. At 9 o'clock the bell rang and students filed into Mr. Geebrah's class for their test. He placed a test on each students' desk and told them they better be silent. It was not even five minutes into the test before Suzy Q. began to weep. First her tears soaked her whole math test.

Suzy's test paper was so soggy, the numbers she'd written began to blur. All the sixes seeped into the eights, and the eights ran into the nines. After the test, Suzy continued to cry. "What's wrong Suzy?" asked Jenna, one of her friends'. "I can't remember how to add fractions.