Strategic Plan Analysis Paper: America's Lending Solutions

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Total Quality Management or TQM, is a set of management practices throughout the organization geared to ensure the organization consistently meets or exceeds customer requirements and expectations. TQM focuses on process measurement and control as means of continuous improvement. Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management style that encourages total commitment to "customer" satisfaction. TQM is an approach to managing organizations as it replaces top-down management with decentralized customer-driven decisions. (Eskimo, 2001).

America's Lending Solutions, ltd (ALS) is a local mortgage broker company. America's Lending Solutions is the master of creative financing. They understand customer credit problems. America's Lending Solutions licensed loan officers have been helping people purchase homes, secure home construction loans, and refinance current loans. America's Lending Solutions, ltd is a relatively young and small organization; due to the companies size the management has not fully adopted the principles of total quality management.

At ALS the official mission statement with a vision and goals that are not printed and posted, however, one does exist. This is an indicator that an improvement in the quality structure would benefit the company. If the mission, vision and goals are not clear and readily accessible to the staff, the goal is hard to have a cohesive effort of improvement of the total quality management. ALS also abides by a slogan that graces the offices walls which reads: The most valuable products ALS lends are service and satisfaction "we are proud to serve you". That statement shows ALS' commitment to quality.

America's Lending Solution's mission statement reads; the main goals are: To generate a profit, grow at a challenging but manageable rate and to abide by the laws and statutes set forth by RESPA, TILA, and all other federal mortgage legislations as well as Ohio...