The students of u have to be afriad to age? What is the aging process and discover the answers through interviews

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At William Paterson University there is a program that offers a unique volunteer resource to the campus, especially students. This program is called the Students of Life. (SOL) Dorris Ricciardi is a member of this volunteer program. Dorris grew up in the Bronx, of New York. Growing up she always had a job. She would work to be independent and buy things for herself and others. Being in a close family, she learned that family relationships were important. Dorris has three kids and is very close to all of them. She now resides in Clifton, New Jersey.

After the interview with her I learned what SOL was and what it was all about. The Students of Life is a pilot program that has been in existence for about three years. This program is a life experience. Many older men and women volunteer their time to share experiences and to get involved with community activities.

There are many presentations given including one called Real Money 101. They are usually held during common hour and I attended one on Oct. 16th. This is where Dorris and I met for the first time. This presentation explained how to budget your money and talked about how your credit now affects decisions for later in life. I learned that for five to seven years you can be considered in "bad credit" if you fail to pay a bill or payment. This is where the Students of Life volunteers their time to William Paterson and to the students. Also on holidays you can volunteer for donations or project making. I learned that stress balls were made for students during final week. Dorris explained to me that she volunteers for SOL mainly as a time consumer but also to learn new things. SOL helps...