The success of Italian Unification was due to able leadership and foreign aid. Do you agree?

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To a large extent, I agree that the success of Italian unification and foreign aid. However, there were some other important factors as well.

Able leadership led to the success of Italian unification. The able leader included Victor Emmanuel II, Count Cavour and the great Italian patriot, Garibaldi.

Victor Emmanuel II was capable that he chose the right man, Cavour, to help to unify Italy. His able leadership led to the success of Italian unification. He strengthened the country by reforms. New Banks were created and a free trade policy was introduced. Railways were built and shipping and agriculture were encouraged. A strong and efficient army was built too. Also, Cavour recognized that foreign aid was also need in unifying Italy. Therefore, he purposely joined in the Crimean War in 1854 and won the sympathy of France in 1859.

Garibaldi was also important to the success of Italian unification.

In 1860, Garibaldi and his thousand red shirts conquered the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, and they won the war. Since Garibaldi was national, he joined the Kingdom of Two Sicilies with Piedmont-Sardinia.

Foreign aid was also needed to unify Italy. As the opposition of Austria was the greatest obstacle of the unification of Italy, the foreign aid, which mainly came from France and Germany, had partly solved this problem. For example, France helped to recover Lombardy, and Prussia helped to recover Venetia.

With the help of France, during the Austro-Sardinia War, Piedmont-Sardinia successfully got back Lombardy from Austria.

Prussia also helped to recover Venetia in the Austro-Prussia Was in 1866. Therefore, it was forced to give back Venetia to Italy.

Foreign aid helped a lot to unify Italy.

Other than able leadership and foreign aid, there were another unexpected factor led to the completion of Italian unification.

The unification of...