Success in times of paradox

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A series of strange symptoms of poisoning appeared on a girl Zhu Lin unexpectedly: hair lost, muscles on the face paralyzed, limbs weakened, and words slurred. No one can tell what is the cause. Life is in danger! One of her classmates emailed for help on Internet. Fortunately, the first reply arrived in less than three hours. Afterwards, over 1,500 emails reached her. Most of the replies analysed that Zhu Lin had been thallium poisoned.

It is the Internet that has saved her young life! In 1994, there were merely a few universities and institutions on Internet. Now there are over 620 thousand end users in China. The number increased four-fold in 1997 compared with the year before, still booming on an exponential curve, and is sure to go through the limit of one million. Information Technology (IT) industry has become one of the industries developing most quickly in China.

China*s IT Industry in 1997 Sum (billion) Increase (compared to 1996) Anticipation in 1998 Gross output value RMB 380 25%(3.6 times 1992) RMB 460 Total sales profits RMB 250 15% RMB 300 Tax RMB 18.5 10.8% / Export $ 25 16.3% $ 30 The Tel exchange capacity of China National Public Tel Net has become the second largest one in the world.

Last year, the sales volume of PC broke through three million, which indicated that it had increased by sixty percent than 1996.


All the above data depict an exciting success for China -- a developing country. She is laboring at curtailing the gap between developed countries and herself.

Paradox As the modern information technology (IT) develops rapidly with the increase of social demand, the core status of IT in the development of modern business has become more and more stable. IT can provide the information a business...