Summaries Of American Literature

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Unit I. America's Family Tree 1. The First Americans a.) from The Walam Olum by Delaware Indians This story, told through pictographs, tells how the earth and life on earth began.

b.) from La Relación by Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca This summary was the author's semiofficial report to the King of Spain about his voyage to the New World.

c.) from Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon This interview was about Moon's long circular trip around the United States, through the back roads, attempting to learn about America by seeing the small towns and talking to people who he met.

2. The Next Wave a.) from Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford This historical account tells how the Pilgrim's landed at Plymouth Rock, settled, and met with Indians to create the first Thanksgiving dinner.

b.) From Africa to America by Olaudah Equiano The eleven year old author, Olaudah Equiano, buys his freedom and eventually becomes involved in an anti-slavery movement.

c.) from Roots by Alex Haley Haley attempts to learn more about his distant slave ancestors after hearing various stories from his cousin.

Unit II. Puritans and Patriots (1600 - 1800) 1. Voices of Conscience a.) form Sinners in the hands of an angry God by Jonathan Edwards A powerful sermon about hell and God's anger towards sinners.

b.) from The Autobiography by Ben Franklin Franklin expresses his belief that people are capable of reaching morale perfection by using his method.

c.) from Poor Richard's Almanac by Ben Franklin Franklin's publication was a calendar filled with weather forecasts, recipes, jokes, and witty sayings.

2. The Revolutionary Spirit a.) from Speech in the Virginia Convention by Patrick Henry Henry made a fiery speech convincing the delegates of the need for armed resistance at the Virginia Convention.

b.) The Declaration...