Summary Of STD's

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STD Report STD's are a very dangerous and also very common threat that exists in communities even as small as 2,000. These deceases although very common can also be very deadly especially for women. Many of these deceases can cause cervical cancer in women. Many of these decease's can go unnoticed for many years before any side effects are ever seen. Some women may be even into their 50's or 60's before they may see a side effect. However this side effect may be so serious it resembles Alzheimer's.

However serious these deceases may be they can be spread very easily. There is a very high risk of transmitting these deceases in sexual contact. Simply touching the sexual organs of the opposite sex can also cause contraction of these deceases. On contact a person can catch an STD and get a shanker. This is a type of wound that is gapping open.

It may go away but the patient might have to take medication, even for the rest of their life to prevent a breakout.

Many of these deceases are spread through the mucus membranes of the skin, and can go through most preventative measures. Due to the nearly unstoppable STD's that exist today there have been over millions of people affected by STD's. HIV alone affected over 40,000,000 people in the year 2002.