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Introduction Information systems have become a necessary investment in most agencies' overall business strategy, performing basic operations, supporting executive decisions, satisfying management reporting requirements and the need for public access to information. Improvements are needed in the quality, effectiveness and productivity of information system development methods to offset an increasing demand and a growing information system inventory. Developing and supporting an information system is complex and requires extensive planning similar to plans used routinely in engineering projects. As in any building or construction (of a computerised system) project, information systems need a structured methodology based on best practices that is designed to guide project managers through each task throughout the life of the system. The methodology is a reusable process for information system development and should be applied to all information systems initiatives to increase the probability of success. The purpose of this policy is to commit the agency to the use of formal Information Systems Development Methodologies (ISDM) as a key element of agency data asset management.

Methodologies are of considerable interests to the problem solvers because of the significant role they play in the creation of different type and nature of information systems. Therefore, use of an appropriate methodology is crucial if the specific nature of problems facing an organisation is to be identified and resolved. Consequently, one of the pressing problems for their information management is how to decide which methodology to select, purchase, modify or even construct and use within a given situation. This report discusses the use of a frame work in the construction of a common set of criteria that can be used for methodology selection and construction.

In the context of end user development, business modelling plays a crucial role in sustaining the usage value of individual application software and the integration of...