Taiwan Independence Movements during the Nationalist Government Control

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Initially, the Taiwanese (including aborigines) accepted the Nationalist Government control of Taiwan after the Japanese surrender in 1945, without much resistance. However, Chinese Governor Chen Yi's oppression and exploitation of the Taiwanese, which exceeded that of the Japanese, were more than the Taiwanese could bear, and it culminated in the island-wide anti-Chinese uprising of February 28, 1947.

There were a few conferences of the Taiwanese revolutionaries in Hong Kong during the summer of 1947. Among major members were Thomas Liao, who went to Shanghai before the February 28 uprising and Hsieh Hsuehhung, who was a member of the Taiwan Communist Party and who escaped from Taiwan after the uprising. However, the Chinese Communist Party started to gain power in the Chances Civil War and it affected the solidarity of the Taiwanese revolutionaries.

Thomas Liao and his non-communist followers established the Formosan League for Reemancipation and the Formosan People's League, and appealed a few times to the U.N.

for temporarily putting Taiwan under U.N. trusteeship and for the future plebiscite for independence. Hsieh and her communist followers were in line with the Chinese communist Party and established the Taiwan Democratic Autonomy League. The league eventually moved to Peking, but Hsieh and other key members were purged by the Chinese Communist Party and it merely retains its existence


Near the end of 1949, when the People's Republic of China was established in Peking, Thomas Liao and his group moved to Tokyo, and in cooperation with a group of Taiwanese compatriots under the leadership of Wu Chen-nan, established the Taiwan Democratic Independence Party whose slogans were anti-Chiang, anti-Communist, complete independence of Taiwan ,and establishment of a peaceful

elfare state in Taiwan. Because of the arrest of Thomas Liao by the occupation army of General MacArthur due to Chiang's request, the movement lost...