Technology and the High Cost of Health Care.

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The cost of health care in the United States has increased almost exponentially during the last few years. What is fueling these cost increases? There are many factors driving up the cost of health care in the United States. However, experts in health care and health policy point to the development and diffusion of medical technology as the main cause for this increase.

But before entering a debate, there are a few things to make sure people understand: What is defined as medical technology? What factors affect the growth of the research and development of medical technology? How are these technological changes affecting health care spending and costs?We live in a time where medical technology is seriously contributing to people living longer and healthier lives. Generally speaking, "medical technology" is used to refer to the procedures, equipment, and processes by which medical care is delivered. It includes the development of new medical and surgical procedures, drugs, medical devices and systems.

Developments in medical technology have significantly revolutionized the health care industry. Today, there is very little in the field of medicine that does not use some type of medical technology and that has not been affected by new technology ("How Changes in Medical Technology Affect Health Care Cost": 2007).

Over the past decade, scientists have made significant advancements and innovations in developing medical technology. Innovations such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), new highly effective drugs, improvements in surgical procedures such as organ transplantation, coronary artery bypass surgery, just to name a few, have completely transform our modern way of life and the standards of health care. The research and development of medical technology have given us enormous outcomes and benefits. It is a source of hope for the prevention, effective treatment, and cure of diseases. Unfortunately, just like any...