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"Technology is ruining our food" Genetic engineering, food irradiation, food labelling are technologies which are ruining our foods. These are all creating unneeded health risks because the outcomes are unpredictable. Not that many years ago, consumers were able to go to the local shop or market and know what they were buying and be assured that it was fresh and had no hidden ingredients. These days, the story is completely different, as today's foods are full of unknown ingredients and processing methods.

Genes are the blueprints of every part of an organism. Genetic Engineering (or genetically modifying) is the process of artificially modifying these genes to create desired characteristics. Genetically modified foods are an increasing risk to the consumers as the future outcomes of the foods are unpredictable. If science moves and plays with genes the way that today's technology does then the normal function of the genes are simply going to be disrupted and the outcomes will be far greater that the intended change.

Because living organisms are highly complex, all of the outcomes can not be predicted and therefore create many unneeded risks. Some of these include things like, new toxins and allergens in foods, other damaging effects on health caused by unnatural foods, increased use of chemicals in crops resulting in increased contamination of our waterways and food, the spread of diseases across species barriers, loss of bio-diversity in crops, artificially induced characteristics and side-effects will be passed on to new generations and other organisms.

Scientists assume that these new foods are not greatly different from existing food and hold no great risks but this assumption is very wrong and dangerous as the outcomes are unpredictable.

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Food irradiation is a processing method where the foods are exposed to ionising radiation (gamma rays from radioactive cobalt...