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To wear the right clothes, it is so important to teenagers because when in school, or in public, people around them tend to judge them by the way they are dressed, eve though their personalities might be totally different from the image that is output through the way they dress. In high school specially, wearing the right clothes is important because that is what determines which kind of group you belong in, when wearing the big brand named clothes you would go into one group of people and when wearing other ripped up, or Wal-Mart brand named clothes you might belong in another type of group. Therefore to the teens of this century, wearing the right clothes chooses where they belong in their surroundings.

Other students judge me, by the way I dress is because of discrimination. It is subtler now and people around us don’t want everyone to be like them and only want the special ones that can, to be around them.

People or students nowadays care more about how they look to public then how they really look, therefore people and students have been having extra caution to the clothes on peoples back, to determine if they are the right person to be around them.

Who decides what clothes teenagers should wear? The answer would be media. Whenever a famous celebrity or a famous person wears or describes something is very good, a lot of people without tampering around, decide that, that is the new trend. When that happens, one person might wear or have the thing on TV and that would get attention and start to influence a lot of other people into getting the same thing.

The type of style I like is big, rapper like looks, the reason I like this style is because...